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WordPress 2.7 is Released

Just this afternoon I blogged about WordPress 2.7 RC2, and now WordPress 2.7 is offically released.

Ii used the automatic upgrade feature to do the upgrade and it looks like everything worked fine!

Go and download the latest version now. You’ll be glad you.

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WordPress 2.7RC2

Yesterday, WordPress released Release Candidate 2 of 2.7, which is a major upgrade to the administrative interface. I’ve installed the new release on a couple of blogs (including this one), and I think it’s a great improvement.

Some of the things I like about it:

  • It seems easier to navigate around. There are a lot of nice ajax-y widgets that let you get to almost any administration screen without refreshing the page.
  • The left side bars makes better use of screen real estate
  • There is a one-click update to updating to new versions of WordPress. That should be a great time-saver for me

The upgrade went really smoothly and I highly recommend it.

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Recommended WordPress Plugin: WP Super Cache

I recently installed the WP Super Cache plugin on most of my WordPress blogs. This plugin in makes blogs much speedier to view by caching pages as static HTML files. The first time someone visits a page, it is served up as PHP like normal and the page is saved as an HTML file, and the next time someone views the page, no PHP is run, the page is served up from a cache, which is quicker for the visitor and saves a lot of processor time on the server.

The one downside of the plugin is that you have to remember to disable it when making any changes to your site, otherwise you don’t see the changes. I keep forgetting to do that and find myself cursing when my changes don’t work.

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