AdWords Introduces Report That Shows Publisher Data to Advertisers

Advertisers in Google AdWords program now have the ability to get data on the individual sites where their ads are being run. For each domain or URL, advertisers will now be able to see impressions, clicks, and conversion data. This means that advertisers will have good information to decide exactly which sites they want to advertise on.

This should be good news for sites which perform well for advertisers. Sites with data that the advertisers don’t like will see less competition for their ad space, resulting in lower bids.

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  1. Ravi Said,

    June 12, 2007 @ 8:12 am


    I am just curious to know why you haven’t got any google ads in the blog.
    Could see only Auction Ads?


  2. Toivo Lainevool Said,

    June 12, 2007 @ 8:40 am

    AdSense contextual ads were not converting very well at all. Too many webmasters never click on AdSense ads. I thought I’d try some different things. Right now I’m rotating between TextLinkAds, AdSense referral ads, and AuctionAds.

  3. Amir Meshjkin Said,

    June 24, 2007 @ 2:24 pm

    That’s exactly how I found your blog. I own

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