Hacker Targets SEO sites

A hacker has been targeting many SEO sites and has already successfully taken over many of them, including WolfHowl and Stuntdubl. I first noticed this on WolfHowl’s blog and I though it might be some sort of sneaky linkbait, but it seems to be legitimate. Here is the Hacker’s blog with his plan: http://fuckingpirate.wordpress.com/ (I won’t give him a link).

One of the tricks he was using was a WordPress security problem, which has since been fixed in version 2.0.7. If you use WordPress, I would recommend updating now. (Which I am about to do, hopefully this blog will survive the upgrade.)

There is a DigitalPoint thread on this topic.

Update: WordPress.com has now taken the hackers blog offline. Also, I successfully updated to WordPress 2.0.7

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  1. Nick of Free Link Exchange Tool Said,

    January 16, 2007 @ 8:38 am

    My site isn’t SEO blog, still I had problems with hacker recently. Thanks God no private info was accessed.

    Guys, can anyone recommend a good, reliable and trustworthy hosting that is really caring about protection of their servers. Mine used to be fine, but now I see it’s because they didn’t come into real troubles.

    *thanks* to the attack and not being support my clients I got several refunds :(

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