LinkBucks – New Advertising Network

LinkBucks is an interesting new advertising network that is currently in beta. They are different from other ad networks because you don’t place the ads on you own site – the ads are displayed after an outgoing link is clicked.

There are two options for displaying ads, intermission links, and top banner links. An intermission link will display an ad before the site that is linked to is displayed. The ads stay up for 5 seconds or until the user clicks a “continue” button. Top banner links display a banner ad in a frame above the site being linked to.

Here is an example intermission link.

Here is an example top banner link.

Creating these links is pretty easy, you just give them the link and they give you a new URL to substitute. You can also include some JavaScript that will convert all the links on a page to LinkBicks links. This JavaScript method also allows you to exclude specific links from being converted. They allow you to choose whether you want an intermission or top banner ad, and whether you want a clean or adult ad to be displayed.

The payout is done on a CPM basis. They pay $1.00 US for every 5000 top banner ad impressions, and $1.00 US for every 3500 intermission ad impressions.

There is a new payout rate table, which will go into effect early next week. This makes the payments even lower than they were before.

Tier Top Frame Rate Intermission Rate Countries
1 1$ / 9,400 1$ / 3,500 United States(US)
2 (Teir 1 + 30% more clicks) 1$ / 12,220 1$ / 4,550 Canada(CA), United Kingdom(GB)
3 (Teir 1 + 60% more clicks) 1$ / 15,040 1$ / 5,600 France(FR), Germany(DE), Italy(IT), Netherlands(NL), Spain(ES)
4 (Teir 1 + 85% more clicks) 1$ / 17,390 1$ / 6,475 Australia(AU), Austria(AT), Belgium (BE), Denmark(DK), Finland(FI), Iceland(IS), Ireland(IE),Mexico(MX), New Zealand(NZ), Norway(NO), Portugal(PT), Singapore(SG), Sweden(SE), Switzerland(CH)
5 (Currently will not pay) All other countries
We are working hard to try and supply ads to Asia and other low ad earning countries

They minimum payout is just $5.00 and they pay via Paypal or EPassPorte.

I think this is a fairly innovative way to monetize your site, but I’m also afraid it would annoy users quite a bit. I won’t be using it on all my outgoing links, that’s for sure, but I may experiment with it in a few places where it might make sense.

Found via: SEOMoz


  1. John Derrick Said,

    May 3, 2007 @ 11:39 am

    Not a lot of money, and I don’t think I want to upset the members at my blog.

    Are there any content specific rules?

    And of course, do they pay?

  2. Toivo Lainevool Said,

    May 3, 2007 @ 11:53 am

    John, I came to the same conclusion as you, not enough money and very inconvenient to the user.

    They allow “adult” advertising, so I doubt there are any content rules.

    I have no idea if they pay. The only links a ever placed were the ones on this post, and I have gotten a total of $0.03 so far. It will take me a while to get to the $5.00 payout at this rate :)

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