Linkbaiting Services

Linkbaiting is a hot topic in the SEO world these days. As old-school link building techniques such as directories, link-exchanges and buying links become less effective, SEOs are trying to get (Gasp!) natural links. Linkbaiting is just a tactic to try to build content that will attract natural links. This fits in nicely with social media sites, such as Digg and that have been all the rage lately. Getting linked from these social media sites is likely to result in many bloggers writing entries about it. Done right, there is a viral spread of the link around the web, resulting in hundreds or even thousands of natural links.

It sounds fairly simple, but it’s not. If it was simple everyone would do it, right? Some of the critical aspects to getting linked to include getting the right idea, having good headlines, and getting it in front of the social media sites and bloggers in the best light possible.

The best piece of linkbait I came up with for AdMoolah was the AdSense Revenue Sharing page I started in January. According to Yahoo, that page has close to 100 links to it, including some high quality ones from places like SearchEngineJournal and ProBlogger. I don’t think linkbaiting wasn’t in my vocabulary at the time, but I knew it would attract a lot of attention. I didn’t promote it very well and didn’t position it well at social media sites. If I did, who knows how many more links I could have gotten.

SEOs are starting to provide link baiting services. They will help you come up with the idea for link bait, develop it, and make sure it gets the right exposure. These services are not cheap though, they start at $5,000 for the basics, and go up from there. Here is a list of linkbaiting services:

  • Andy Hagans
  • SEOMoz
  • Stuntdubl
  • Text Link Ads
  • At these prices, I’m not sure how much business they are getting. It would be interesting to get get the feedback of someone who had used these services. Maybe somebody with deep pockets (like ShoeMoney) could test out all 4 services?

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