Google to Launch Video Blogs

On the Inside AdSense blog, Google has announced that they will be launching click-to-pay video ads in the coming days.

This means that advertisers can place these video ads using site or keyword targeting and choose either CPM or CPC payment options. At first only advertisers in USA, Canada and Japan will be able to place these ads, although they will be able to geo-target the ads internationally.

The good part about these ads is that they won’t start automatically playing. An image will be displayed, and the user needs to click on the ad to start it, and then can pause it, advance it, adjust the volume, or click through to the advertisers site.

Google has not yet mentioned an option for publishers to opt-out of these ads, although I assume if you don’t have image ads selected, you won’t get the video ads. It would be nice to see individual opt-out options for image ads, flash ads and the new video ads. Publishers like to have control over what appears on their sites.

Update: Some interesting commentary on the new video ads: Greg Sterling sees this as a move for Google towards TV, Michael Arrington at TechCrunch is not optimistic about the new format.

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