Google Analytics Update

Google Analytics seems to be totally overwhelmed still. Yesterday, about 60 hours after I put the tracking code on my site, I was able to get a brief glimpse of what kinds of statistics they gathered. But today, I can no longer see any data. I get the same message saying “Analytics has been successfully installed and data is being gathered now. Your first reports will be ready within twelve hours.” If this was a company I had not heard of before, I would have already deleted the tracking code and given up, but since its Google I’ll give them a little bit more time.

One of the things I was disappointed with is that there is no way to track advertising click on a web site with Google Analytics. I’m hoping they will change this soon and integrate AdSense, and other advertiser program clicks into the system. Right now when some one leaves the site I have no way of knowing how they left. It would b nice to know which visitors ended up leaving via advertisers links. This way you can compare the value of say, AdWords generated traffic versus organic search traffic.

Shawn at digitalpoint noticed the same thing and came up with a JavaScript hack to partially fix this. The reason I say “partially” is that it only works for visitors using Internet Explorer. I have included this JavaScript on one of my sites, but I have no idea when I will actually be able to see the results.

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