Chitika eMiniMall Buzz

Bloggers have been buzzing about Chitika eMiniMalls lately. Today Darren at ProBlogger posted some Chitika eMiniMalls Tips and Jennifer at JenSense has posted the Inside scoop on making Chitika eMiniMalls AdSense & YPN compliant.

Darren has reported making good money from eMiniMalls, and others have similar experiences. I have also been testing Chitika ads on a few sites for a several days, but my results don’t seem to be as spectacular. I think the problem is that my sites are not quite the right type of sites for eMiniMalls. They seem to do much better in consumer goods oriented web sites like gadget blogs.

Nonetheless, it is good to have alternatives when it comes to AdSense. AdSense, YPN and Chitika all need to compete for the same publishers, and different alternatives work better for some people than others.

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  1. Scott Said,

    October 16, 2005 @ 6:31 am

    I have had great sucess with Chitika on my website And I agree that the ads work better on Tech/Gadget websites.

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