Keyword Reporting, More Channels and Section Targeting

Google has introduced 3 major improvements to the AdSense system:

  1. AdSense for Search Keyword Reporting
    You can now get keyword reports on what people were search for when the use AdSense for search on your site.
  2. 200 Channel
    AdSense now offer 200 custom channels instead of 100 like they used to
  3. Section Targeting
    The new section targeting feature on AdSense lets publishers let the mediapartners bot know which sections of the page should be used for determining which ads to show. This is the update I am most excited about. This will allow publishers to control which types of ads are shown by AdSense, hopefully improving relevancy
  4. Its good to see Google adding more features. Pressure from YPN perhaps?

Found via JenSense: Keyword Reporting, 200 channels and Section Targeting

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