AdSense Optimization Webinar: Questions and Answers – Part 2

This is part 2 of the question and answer session of the AdSense Optimization Webinar. The first part was posted here.

Q8. I have a bilingual French/English site. 2/3 of the pages are in French and 1/3 are in English. All of the ads that appear on it are in French.
A8. The sites are targeted by individual URL so the English pages should get English ads. If you are using sessions or cookies to show the English pages, this could be a problem for the Google bot. We also do Geo-targeting so that could affect things as well.

Q9. What is the relationship between the AdSense “MediaPartners” crawler, the Google Search crawler and Sitemaps.
A9. The AdSense and Search crawlers are completely independent. The Sitemaps are for search only, they don’t affect AdSense.

Q10. Can publishers influence which ads are displayed on our sites?
A10. No. It’s probably not in the best interest of the publisher to try to do this by hand, Google algorithms do a good job of keeping the best ads on a site.

Q11. If there are multiple ad units on a page, do the ones closer to the top get the highest paying ads?
A11. Yes, the one that appears first in the HTML will get the best ads.

Q12. How are custom channels different from URL channels?
A12. Custom channels need the actual ad code to change. URL channels do not.

Q13. Are banner ads done on a CPM ($ per thousand views) basis?
A13. Most image ads are done on a CPM basis, but some are done on a CPC (cost-per click) basis as well. Some text ads are CPM but most are CPC.

Q13a. Does CPM on these ads go up with higher value content?
A13a. Everything is calculated by Google’s algorithms and the ad that has the best chance at making the most money will be displayed.

Q14. Can AdSense for Search be set up to search three different domains?
A14. No. Can only search a single domain.

Q15a. Which keywords have the highest payout?
A15a. There are resources on the web and books where you can find out about this.

Q15b. Can I somehow query this information through Google?
A15b. No. Since prices are set by an auction they are always fluctuating.

Q15c. Does having AdSense on my site help my PR or help get my site indexed quicker?
A15c. No. These are independent things.

Q15d. Is it possible to overdo keywords and have too many on the page.
A15d. I wouldn’t worry about this, just concentrate on having good content. Don’t create a site just for displaying AdSense.

Q16. We have a news site that does get crawled regularly by Google News. When we do get crawled by Google news we see a 5 or 10 times increase in AdSense revenue.
A16. Google News and AdSense aren’t directly related.

Again, they were constantly stressing that they wanted people to email them questions and feedback.


  1. AdSense Obserwator » Webinar dot. zmian w panelu Said,

    August 7, 2005 @ 7:19 pm

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  2. Jennifer Said,

    November 5, 2005 @ 8:47 pm

    The answer to the question that Google AdSense for search can only do a single domain is incorrect. If you look in the google adsense for search help, it lists the syntax for searching more than one domain name. I have three different domains that I use with adsense search at the same time, so my users get content from all three domains in one search query, not just the domain they are on. Hope that helps.

  3. Toivo Lainevool Said,

    November 6, 2005 @ 6:42 pm

    Thanks Jennifer,

    You are right, you can specifiy up to three doamins per search box. I’m not sure why the answer was incorrect, it could have been answered wrong, or my transcriptions skills may be lacking.

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