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DateEarningsCategoryLangPRVisitorsPage Views
1/05$888.18Blogs: PersonalEN7120622
2/05$791.19Blogs: PersonalEN791797
3/05$1014.27Blogs: PersonalEN785952
9/04$4.04Blogs: PersonalEN4871814966
12/04$108.82Blogs: PersonalEN41400824643
1/05$36.97Blogs: PersonalEN41142418992
2/05$55.32Blogs: PersonalEN41567924721
3/05$87.09Blogs: PersonalEN42234434737
3/05$92.00Blogs: PersonalEN
2/05$25.87Blogs: NewsEN143246566
3/05$0.62Blogs: PersonalEN41616
2/05$2.68Blogs: PersonalEN42320
3/05$38.00Blogs: PersonalEN
2/05$34.99Blogs: PersonalEN
1/05$8.31Blogs: PersonalEN30004000
4/05$10.00Blogs: BusinessES325009000
3/05$91.60Blogs: GeneralEN5180000220000
2/05$70.71Blogs: GeneralEN5160000215000
3/05$30.00Blogs: PersonalDE530003500
10/04$0.11Blogs: PersonalPT100200
11/04$1.53Blogs: PersonalPT200400
12/04$4.14Blogs: PersonalPT200300
1/05$5.60Blogs: PersonalPT250400
2/05$3.16Blogs: PersonalPT250450
3/05$3.85Blogs: PersonalPT300500
2/05$13.75Blogs: PersonalDE41868
3/05$10.37Blogs: PersonalDE43060
1/05$35.17Blogs: GeneralIT6750011000
2/05$26.91Blogs: GeneralIT820011500
3/05$12.14Blogs: PersonalIT4
3/05$53.60Blogs: NewsEN790000200000
1/05$1523.00Blogs: BusinessDE6
3/05$151.85Blogs: PersonalEN688254345654
2/05$152.58Blogs: PersonalEN690293336517
1/05$191.62Blogs: PersonalEN697123374673
12/04$230.05Blogs: PersonalEN675333318744
2/04$14.69Blogs: GeneralEN416479041
3/04$2.79Blogs: GeneralEN413819184
6/04$3.63Blogs: GeneralEN48424295
2/05$8.63Blogs: GeneralEN4483422668
3/05$6.46Blogs: GeneralEN4430723907
3/05$82.41Blogs: GeneralEN425000120000
4/05$225.00Blogs: GeneralEN5130000170000
4/05$98.65Blogs: GeneralDE520860
3/05$55.28Blogs: GeneralDE513850
2/05$53.93Blogs: GeneralDE512833
5/05$25.91Blogs: PersonalDE47329
4/05$18.71Blogs: PersonalDE44326
1/05$0.00Blogs: PersonalEN
4/05$71.00Blogs: BusinessDE330000600000

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