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Google Buzz Contest: Follow Me and Win an Internet Marketing Book

I have been using Google Buzz for over a week now and think it is great. What would make it even better is if I had more followers to interact with. So I’m having a contest to see if I can get more followers. You can win a copy of Internet Marketing From The Real Experts (my affiliate link), edited by Shawn Collins, Missy Ward from Affiliate Summit, and featuring lessons from 88 real world Internet marketers.

All the contest details are on this buzz post.

The contest wil end Friday February 19th at 5:00pm. The winner will be announced shortly after that. I’ll contact the person via Google Buzz and get the address to send the book to.

Good luck!

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Put Your Buzz Posts into WordPress

I have developed a plugin that allows you to put your Buzz posts onto your WordPress sidebar (or anywhere, actually).

I used to have one of those widgets that shows your Tweets, It didn’t make sense to do that any more since I have been using Buzz more than Twitter. You can see the new plugin is in action on the right sidebar on this blog.

You can get the plugin here:

Please let me know what you think

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Initial Thoughts on Twitter

I have been using twitter for a few weeks now and can now see why people like it so much. I’m not totally addicted yet, but I think that’s mostly because no one I know personally are twits. Once Twitter gets more popular and my personal friends are on there, I could see using it a lot more. Here are some initial thoughts:

  • Twitter is to Blogging as IM is to EMail. Email and blogging are slower, more well thought out. IM and Twitter are quick and impulsive. EMail and IM are generally one-to-one (or one to a few), Blogging and Twitter are one-to-many. So think of Twitter as quick and impulsive blogging or one-to-many IMing.
  • Great for staying up to the minute. It’s amazing how quickly news breaks on Twitter. After using Twitter for a while you feel out of the loop when you learn about something even a few hours after it happens.
  • Off-twitter popularity translates to twitter popularity The best way to be popular on Twitter is to have a popular blog or site. There aren’t too many Twitter-only celebrities. If you have an A-List blog and start to Twitter, people will follow. Just look at John Battelle who announced today he was going to start to Twitter. He already has over 70 followers and he hasn’t even posted anything on Twitter yet!
  • Lots of good tools. I have been using TwitterFox , a plugin for Firefox which shows you tweets from those who are following and allows you to send updates as well. I have also been using on my iPhone. There are lots of other tools and service out there as well.

If you feel like following me, see I only have 4 followers so I am feeling pretty lonely.

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