AdSense Policy Updates: Quality Landing Pages and Three Link Units Per Page

AdSense has updated their program policies with two significant changes:

1) A new paragraph has been added to the Site and Ad Behavior section

Publishers using online advertising to drive traffic to pages showing Google ads must comply with the spirit of Google’s Landing Page Quality Guidelines. For instance, if you advertise for sites participating in the AdSense program, the advertising should not be deceptive to users.

This sounds like it is simply enforcing what Google did when they sent out their emails cracking down on low quality sites. This won’t effect most publishers and will probably only worry those doing arbitrage with MFA sites.

2) AdSense now allows three link units on a page. Previously they only allowed a single link unit. Link ads are fairly small and unobtrusive, so I think this will be a good way for some publishers to increase the number of ads on a page in a way that is not too annoying for users.

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