Turn Launches Public Beta

Publishers can now sign up for Turn’s advertising network. As I mentioned a few days ago, it might be good competition for AdSense and YPN. It’s a contextual ad network, but unlike their main competitors, it uses CPA instead of CPC. For publishers concerned about low revenues from CPA ads, they have this to say:

At Turn we want the ads on your site to perform as much as you do. So, unlike a traditional CPA network, Turn uses a unique bidded CPA pricing model with effective CPM (eCPM) ranking to ensure you receive the highest performing ads on your site.

What I assume that means is they take every ads payout, multiply it by the CTR and the conversion rates it gets, and the ads that come out the highest are shown.

I signed up for it, but haven’t been accepted yet. They don’t mention any acceptance criteria, but they did ask what sites you have and how many unique visitors and pageviews your sites get. I’ll be sure to let you know my impressions of it if I am able to use it.

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