2 Sites Are Hitting the Viral Marketing Jackpot

There are two sites that launched yesterday that seem to be getting some good results. Both are getting impressive statistics with different viral marketing approaches.

The first is ConquerYouNiche.com (affiliate link), which I mentioned yesterday. This forum allows user to display their own ads. When you post or read the forum you get credits which are exchanged for displaying ads. You also earn ad displays from people you refer. It seems like this idea has really taken off because they already have over 8000 registered users! This was a smart viral marketing plan by the forum owner. This type of incentive would be difficult to reproduce outside of the Internet Marketing world, however, because most people wouldn’t care about being able to display their own ads.

The second one is ReviewMe, which I also wrote about yesterday. They are using a more brute-force approach by paying bloggers to write about them. It seems to be working too, a Technorati search for ReviewMe shows about 140 blogs mentioning them in the last 24 hours. These are links that will be in the middle of highly targeted content. Their Search Engine Ranking should be going through the roof pretty soon.

These numbers are great for a 24 hour period. Viral marketing is great way to get a lot of people to your site quickly if you do it right.

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