5 New Advertising Networks

There have been a lot of new advertising networks popping up in the last month or so. With many people complaining that AdSense isn’t doing as well for them as it used to, I think many publishers are ready to look for alternatives. Here is a quick overview of five networks that have been announced recently.

Performancing Partners Ad Network
This is a advertising network for blogs. Advertisers can buy ad spots on you blog on a monthly basis. Performancing has an “Auto Pricing” feature which determines the price of an ad based on your blogs statistics. These prices can be overridden by the blog owner. You can choose to place anywhere from 1 to 6 ads on your blog. When there are no ads to display, an ad for Performancing is shown. The good thing about about these Performancing ads is you get a 5% referral program for anyone who signs up through them. I have signed up for this program and am testing it on my blog right now (you can see ad on the the right sidebar). It takes 48 hours for the auto pricing to kick in, so I’m not sure what to expect yet.

Performancing pays 70% of the revenue to the blog owner. They also have a 5% lifetime referral bonus for any publishers or advertisers who sign up through your ad.

Text Link Ads’ Feedvertising
Feedvertising allows you to insert text ads into your blog entries. The interesting thing about this is that it allows you to insert your own ads for free, or if you like to sign up for their advertising marketplace so advertisers can pay for ads. I have not yet used the Feedvertsing program, but I am considering trying it out. I like the fact the ads are unobtrusive and are clearly labeled as ads.

Feedvertising is free to use for your own ads. Publishers get 50% of revenue generated from the sales in the advertising marketplace. They also have a referral program which pays $25.00 for any referred visitor that results in a sale or gets accepted into the publisher program.

Texsy is an ad program that inserts ads into the text of web pages. Texsy underlines product names on your web sites and underlines them. When users hover over the underlined words, an ad pop up. The ads that are shown are from Amazon, Ebay and Shopping.com. Publishers must sign up for these affiliate programs for them to show up on web pages.

Texsy inserts its own ads into the publisher sites 20% of the time.

This is a new advertising program that I don’t know much about. The web site does not provide much information, there is no Terms and Conditions page yet, the FAQ page is empty and they provide little information about how the program works. I’ve sent a message to them asking for more information. I’ll make a new post if I find anything significant.
Update: They now have a FAQ posted on the site, see: http://www.adquick.co.uk/faq.php. Still no T&C though, so I’m not signing up for now.

Review me is a new advertising program from Andy Hagans. Bloggers are paid to write reviews about an advertisers program. The review will have full disclosure that reviewer has been paid, and the review do not need to be positive. ReviewMe is not yet open to the public, but should be shortly.

I’d love to hear comments from anyone who has experience with these networks.

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